Oggetti Veneziani

Rejecting the concept of working in series and loving the valuable and demanding craftsman work which, through manual ability, makes every product special, I carefully select the materials and fabrics in order to accomplish, through the experience of ancient Venetian tradition, the challenging task of creating unique and precious pieces ready to enrich any home with their charm.


Attention to Details

A meticulous and precious craftsmanship thanks to the manual labor that makes each piece unique.


I bring your ideas alive.

A decoring project originates from the influence of various factors. I offer my creativity and experience to bring your dream into reality.


Endless source of inspiration

Venice, the weave of its ancient treasures, their colours and their magic that change like reflections of the water. All this blends in what I do, with the care and passion of an artisan who tries to revive in today a prestigious tradition with its ancient teachings.